Tips on Buying Seat Covers for Your Van or Truck

Seat covers serve a number of purposes for your vehicle. Besides enhancing the look and increasing the comfort of your seats, they also offer some much-needed protection from the wear and tear that they're subjected to over time. Having new sear covers fitted can help you save on future repair costs, while also increasing the resale value of your car.


Buying the right ford ranger seat covers for your van or truck, however, isn't as simple as going to your local car garage and picking the first covers you see. To help you with the buying process, here are some important tips to consider:


Choose material for seat covers


Truck seat covers come in a wide range of materials, so it's up to you to decide what you like best. Your choice will obviously also be influenced by your budget, the weather conditions, and lifestyle. Common fabrics include:


Ballistic nylon--hardly the most comfortable material, but it provides great protection against water and UV rays. It is also very durable.


Leather--great if you want a luxurious look. The disadvantage is that it will not absorb spills, although it does offer decent protection. Learn more about seat covers at


Suede--tough material, does not wear easily. It is also more affordable than leather and therefore a good alternative. Suede is however not resistant to water and UV damage.


Neoprene--if you want a waterproof material, consider neoprene. The downside is that the seat won't breathe very well.


Pick your color scheme


When deciding on your seat covers' color scheme, you'll need to consider both the interior and exterior colors of your vehicle. If your van is yellow for instance, you might want to avoid colors that stand out too much, such as red and orange. When in doubt, pick a neutral color such as grey or black. While purchasing seat covers, offers an opportunity to abandon the potentially uninspiring color of your old seats, it's still vital that you consider your vehicle's overall aesthetic.


Ensure the covers fir with your van


Have all the vehicle information needed on hand--car make, model, year, etc. so you can be sure you're buying covers made for your car. Keep in mind that seat cover makers make covers designed to fit specific models. While others manufacture generic, they do provide a list of vehicles those covers are compatible with.  As a final note, be sure to shop around so you can compare prices and find the best deal.